I know you are there

Poke around peeekahboo look at you look at me

I know you are there and no good for my health but  you carry on like a tedious mission never aware of the intent negative interruptions disruptions, no instructions. you know you are there and now what is next. listen up be aware trust in this care full of no care? You are there twin flame my pair counter parted no care? I know you are there what is it you can we no pair I know you are there?

Cut the cord, break the alters, create them as I see fit, curse back the curse from witch it came, the same if not greater, the very same force and disrupt the evil from taking course. With what is left of the energy create a abundant loving success with the rest we shall make the best. Love will conquer all of the hate, as I thrive to stay alive. Inside and out there is no room left for the toxic destruction of weak and out dated magik the strong healing of love and light, you cease to thrive feeding on we and us that are still alive!